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Welcome to

Trans(m)it: Lost Dances

A Celebration of Re-Imagined Dances due to COVID-19

Our program includes 'lost' live works re-envisioned for the screen,

screendance whose screenings were lost, and works made during lockdown.


  Trans(m)it: Lost Dances is free and available to the public,

however we encourage visitors to donate to the Black Art Futures Fund,

which is a "collective of emerging philanthropists promoting the elevation and

preservation of Black arts & culture." 





Enjoy the festival! 


Selected Films (in Order of Appearance):


The JUKEBOX Series Vol 1 - Villa Junior Lemanu (Auckland, New Zealand)

CHÁ SĪ / CHASM - Waeli Wang (California, U.S.)

The Liminal Space - Elizebeth Randall Rains (California, U.S.)

Blue - Sophia Heiner (Utah, U.S.)

Vestiges - Mary Fitzgerald and and Eileen Standley (Arizona, U.S.)

Don't Mind Us - Angharad Harrop (Llandudno, U.K.)

Alice in Nite Hawk - Devin Tau (Oregon, U.S.)

Beautiful - Roswitha Chesher (London, U.K.)

Dreaming Space - Irina Varina (Pennsylvania, U.S.)

This isn't what we planned - Molly W. Schenck (Arizona, U.S.)

Fragments of a Quarantine - Sasha Chudacoff (Colorado, U.S.)

Daydreaming - Panos Chountoulidis (London, U.K.)

46.7956 - Noemie Vanoli (Neuchâtel, Switzerland & Bali)

Home Dance - Karen Berger (Coburg, Australia) 

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